IBC: Brick House Launching Wireless On-Air Indicator

Brick House Video plans to use the IBC Show to debut its new TallyHo—a wireless on-air indicator for vision switchers.

It's aimed at a wide range of mobile production systems, offering camera operators remote on-air indication in the field, and it's designed to work with industry-standard vision switchers and production desks.

The system comprises a central control station and charging unit, and eight hot-shoe receiver modules. The receivers offer visual indication to the camera subject when live, and a preview feature to advise the camera operator of the upcoming transition to air.

Demonstrated in Europe for the first time will be BHV's new ShowTime, an affordable server control and live vision switching package. Based on technology from two leading broadcast hardware manufacturers, it brings integration of live sources and action replay within the grasp of demanding budgets. It comprises Hi Tech's industry standard server controllers, Brick House Video's award-winning digital vision switchers, and proprietary software.

ShowTime will work with any video server that responds to existing industry protocols. A wide range of control panels is available to suit many applications.

BHV will ado demonstrate new features on its Syntax up/cross-converter, including analog video inputs and 3G capability. Based on advanced Super-Resolution Bandlet Technology, Syntax brings the performance advantages of motion-compensated processing without the associated disadvantages of high cost and occasionally severe artifacts. It incorporates comprehensive audio facilities and offers up-conversion and cross-conversion with noise reduction and ARC facilities.

Syntax is now shipping with an on-board web server and Ethernet port for remote control.

Also with new features is the Proteus multi-format/multi-purpose converter, being shown in both rack-mount and portable versions. It features 10-bit SDI, analog video and audio I/O, an advanced standards conversion algorithm, comprehensive audio facilities and ARC. Based on an advanced Motion Adaptive Standards Converter, Proteus offers full format conversion, frame synchronizing, TBC, video and audio Proc Amps, as well as bi-directional standards (rate) conversion. Proteus addresses lip-sync errors with an optional audio delay (up to 10 seconds) featuring both tracking and block delay.

Also returning to IBC is BHV's Callisto tried and trusted range of SD/analog vision mixers, including rack-mount, portable and automation versions.

Brick House Video will be at Stand 8.D80.