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IABM Launches ‘Engineering Economics’ Training

The International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers (IABM) has announced a new course—"Technology Product Finance – Making Decisions That Add Value"—to its list of classes offered to broadcast equipment manufacturers. The course is designed to promote an understanding of the impact of decisions made by various elements in a manufacturing facility on the overall economic picture of that business.

"In today's competitive environment, broadcast manufacturing companies can no longer rely solely on outstanding design innovation to make their products and services successful," said Peter White, IABM director general. "Engineers and project managers need to become knowledgeable on issues such as changing timescales, the increased cost of components, ensuring project budgets are met, and building in company profitability from a project's inception."

The class will first be held July 11-12, 2012 at Reading, U.K.

Topics covered include: "the broadcast supply chain," "fundamentals of business finance," investment appraisal and project management," and more.

"With this course, students will gain a greater awareness of financial and commercial issues that can help drive profitability along with product innovation," White said.

Additional information about this course and others offered by the IABM is available at