Hurricane Season Starts as Analog TV Ends

BOYNTON BEACH, FLA.: One DTV converter-box retailer in Florida is using hurricane season as a promotional opportunity.

“Hurricane season officially begins June 1st, but the onslaught of rain, winds and light tornadoes occurring almost daily in south Florida serve as a warning for all to get prepared,” reads a press release from the folks at “This year's hurricane season is different because after June 12th you will not be able to use rabbit ears for your regular TV or portable analog TV in the event you lose your cable or satellite service. How will you get the life saving information you will need during a storm?”

FreeTVSignal is exhibiting its DTV Disaster Kit at the Storm Prep Expo this weekend in Miami. The kit is said to include a battery-powered digital-to-analog converter for use in the event of power outages. FreeTVSignal sells a variety of branded converters, including models from Tivax, Sunkey, Zinwell and Artec. (The federal government’s list of converter boxes approved for use with it’s $40-off coupon is available here.)

FreeTVSignal says meteorologists have predicted 14 named storms for the season, including three “intense” hurricanes classified as “3” or higher on the Saffi/Simpson scale.