Hooke Productions edits DVDs with Media 100

Hooke Productions recently used an 844/X editing system on video sequences delivered for the "Die Another Day" DVD.

Hooke Productions has purchased a Media 100 844/X editing system to build on its DVD content editing business for major studio releases.

Hooke Productions recently used 844/X on video sequences for the "Die Another Day" DVD.

The 844/X was developed to uphold picture quality through millions of recursive operations. 10-bit, 4:2:2:4, uncompressed video data and keys enter the processing pipeline and are de-interlaced and upsampled so that the processing pipeline operates on progressive 4:4:4:4 RGB and alpha data at 60 fps.

It provides full SMPTE 259M compliance for integration within a facility. There is an active loopthrough on the input and there are two SDI outputs. Audio support includes four channel pairs of digital audio I/O that can be acquired from, or played out as, embedded data in the serial digital video stream or as 24-bit AES/EBU.

For more information visit www.media100.com.

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