Hollywood Post Alliance Accepting Entries for Engineering Excellence Award

The Hollywood Post Alliance is now accepting entries for the Engineering Excellence Award, part of the recently announced HPA Awards.

The Engineering Excellence Award is intended to showcase and reward inventors, manufacturers, vendors and/or peer post production companies for their outstanding product or technology application offerings. Valid offerings may include products or processes, but must represent a step forward for its industry beneficiaries.

Entrants for this award will be invited to present to engineering award judges during a special presentation day that will be open to the post community.

To find out more about the Engineering Award and the HPA Awards, visit www.hpaawards.net, click on the Awards logo, then Rules & Procedures. Submission forms are only available online and will be found at the "Entry Station." The fee for entering is $495 and the entry deadline is September 8, 2006

If you have any questions or need help, please contact the HPA Awards office at 818-840-7953 or send an email to info@hpaawards.net.

This is your opportunity to be recognized for your contributions to the "technology of postproduction."