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HME to introduce one-to-one wireless intercom

At AES, HME will introduce its DX121 One-to-One Wireless Intercom, a new generation system that can be used to add wireless capabilities to a hardwired intercom by plugging into the headset jack of any intercom station or that can be used alone. It can extend the range to 1000ft.

Each DX121 system supports one to four wireless beltpacks. Up to eight systems can be used at a single location. In addition to being plugged into an intercom station, the system can be hooked to a four-wire connection of a device such as a digital matrix intercom.

The 2.4GHz frequency-hopping technology allows up to eight DX121s to be used together to support multiple channel applications. The system is compatible with the entire HME DX200 and DX100 series of digital wireless intercom products and accessories.

The DX121 can be used to support wireless channels for live sporting events, broadcast control room operators, technical support crews and for connecting remote staff at large venues. The base has a built-in battery charger for the remote Communicator battery that also works as a power source during power outages or glitches.

The AES show runs from October 9-12 in New York City.