Hitomi to Debut New Latency Feature for its Flagship MatchBox Solution at NAB 2022

LAS VEGAS: Hitomi Broadcast will showcase a new latency feature for its MatchBox audio video alignment toolbox at the 2022 NAB Show.

MatchBox delivers complete timing quality control assurance, end to end, according to the company. The latest enhancement measures the actual time of flight of video signals from the front of multiple cameras or at various points through the broadcast chain with milli-second accuracy, making it ideal for remote and virtual production, the company said.

To synchronize delays created by different paths through broadcast hardware, the new upgrade to MatchBox allows the user to take a measurement simply by holding an iPhone up in the shot running the MatchBox Glass App which is free to download. A signal is then sent back to the MatchBox Analyser located in an OB truck or MCR. The solution simplifies the task of measuring latency and gives a lip-sync reading as well, the company said.


MatchBox Analyser measuring data from MatchBox Glass (Image credit: Hitomi Broadcast)

Hitomi’s Broadcast Director, Russell Johnson, said, “When you watch someone being interviewed from a remote location there is often a pause in continuity with the handover from the studio and return. Latency measures how long that pause needs to be for each link in order to achieve perfect timing. It can ascertain if the pause is comfortable for a two-way conversation or if it is too long to be able to interact in a live situation and all questions have to be asked upfront.”

For measuring latency within the broadcast chain, MatchBox Generator can be deployed as a test signal with the Analyser, picking up the results downstream. It can be thought of as a "multi-meter" for signal timing with a probe at each end of the section of interest.

“Much is talked about the need for “low latency”, but it is rarely quantified,” Johnson continued. “Now it can be. MatchBox is already deployed worldwide with major name broadcasters so widespread adoption of this new technology can be rapid.  It will bring changes, but they will be measured changes.”

This product is designed to help broadcasters prepare for live transmissions as well as virtual studios and other applications where timing needs to be known, not guessed. It can form part of a toolset helping broadcasters move to more eco-friendly workflows whilst still retaining quality.

Hitomi Broadcast will be in Booth N2331. For more information on the NAB Show, visit nabshow.com/2022.