Hitachi to Introduce Digital Triax for SDTV Broadcast at NAB

With the longest cable length and highest picture quality on the market the new TU-CX-Z4 Digital Triax for SDTV system from Hitachi Kokusai Electric America, Ltd. sets a new benchmark for the industry. To be unveiled at NAB 2006 (Booth C3926), the new system reaches this new standard thanks to the uncompressed digital transmission of audio and video between camera and CCU (camera control unit) as well as providing fully digital returns and intercom.

The end result is a truly transparent digital transmission system that does not change the way users now work with standard triax cable camera systems and offers a significantly longer cable length than competitors' SDI digital triax systems.

Hitachi's new Digital Triax system applies to all currently manufactured Broadcasat and Professional cameras and is ideally suited for broadcast and production studios that need the most pristine picture quality from their Hitachi SDTV cameras that currently use triax cable. It is ideally suited for production, news, sports, and high-end SDTV applications.

“The TU-CX-Z4 Digital Triax system propels Hitachi camera picture quality beyond its competitors by offering the longest cable length and cleanest picture compared to standard SDI digital triax as offered by other manufacturers,” said Emilio Aleman, Product Manager, Broadcast & Professional, Hitachi Kokusai Electric America, Ltd. “The Hitachi Digital Triax is the closest one can get to a truly transparent transmission system between the camera head and CCU without having to employ fiber-optic cable. It retains the workflow users are accustomed to with triax cable, while offering a very good cable length. Plus, the cost-performance ratio is well above any analog system currently available on the market.”

Hitachi’s Digital Triax for SDTV system will be available in the fourth quarter of 2006.