HiFi HDTV relies on Evertz file-based systems for new facility

Canadian specialty broadcaster High Fidelity HDTV (HiFi) has launched an upgraded facility based on file-based systems from Evertz, including Mediator, Evertz Media Servers (EMS) and OvertureRT LIVE for playout.

High Fidelity is currently completing construction of its new broadcast center. High Fidelity is relying on Evertz to provide a majority of the technology.

At the center of this facility is Evertz Media Servers. Three EMS Media Ingest clients are used at HiFi for ingesting material and the central storage is executed by Evertz's SuperNAS. In this configuration, Evertz delivers 140TB of high-speed storage using SATA drives that are expandable to 280TB.

For channel playout, HiFi has deployed 14 OvertureRT LIVE systems to manage playout for the seven broadcast paths. OvertureRT LIVE provides HiFi with content playout of 6TB from on-board storage. In addition, OvertureRT LIVE also provides advanced branding.

For content management HiFi is using Evertz Mediator software to manage media and playout devices. The flexibility of Mediator allows HiFi to create operationally efficient workflows.