Hello Kitty Convergence

The lead from a market research firm press release on media platform usage: “While men may claim to be the masters of technology, it is the women who are embracing the new age of media and integrating their computers and the Internet into their television viewing.” Integrated Media Measurement Inc., provides no evidence of said mastery, it has provided numbers that demonstrate simultaneous TV/Internet usage, and the women have it.

IMMI, based in San Mateo, Calif., said simultaneous TV/’Net usage averaged 17.5 minutes per day for females 15 to 47, compared to 15.7 minutes per day for men in the same age group. The highest dual usage occurred with women 30 to 39, who logged on and tuned in at the same time, more than 23 minutes per day on average. The dude demo with the highest usage was 15-to-18s, who were mesmerized by two screens on average, 21.6 minutes per day. Conversely, the male demo with the lowest use was the same as the female one with the highest--30-to-39s. Those guys tuned in and turned on just 10.6 minutes a day.

IMMI didn’t provide a sample size, but said it conducted the research through a special “panel” of people equipped with a tracking device they were asked to take with them at all times. The device was a mobile phone equipped by a chip that creates a digital signature of all audio media it’s exposed to, e.g., TV, radio, movies, etc. IMMI extrapolated its metrics from this data.