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Harris Traffic Systems Working With Google TV Ads

Harris Corp. has a big new partner for its media inventory service. Google is integrating the technology with Google TV Ads to create a new sales channel for broadcasters, cable networks and cable system operators.

The Harris media inventory service lets media companies using Harris Paradigm, OSi-Traffic, BMS and Novar traffic systems make their inventory available to new advertisers through Google TV Ads, the search giant's online ad buying platform. The Harris system is now available for cable networks using Paradigm traffic and can be easily adapted to other Harris and third-party systems.

With the system, as media companies that are clients of Harris make their inventory available, the inventory service will facilitate the connection between inventory owners and the Google TV Ads platform. Throughout the sales process, inventory owners will continue to maintain full control over business data such as inventory, rates and sellout levels, according to Harris.

"The media inventory service provides our customers with a new sales channel for their inventory, attracting new advertisers to television that were previously hard to reach," said Harris Morris, vice president for media and workflow at Harris Broadcast Communications.

Under the system, when spots are sold, the service will deliver the spots from Google TV Ads to the Harris traffic system, where they are managed following normal spot placement rules.

"With this agreement, Harris gives customers the opportunity to stay on the leading edge of the competitive and rapidly evolving advertising marketplace," said Tim Thorsteinson, president of Harris Broadcast Communications. "By integrating our respective services and expertise, Harris and Google have created a more streamlined process to expand television advertising opportunities, making our customers' jobs much easier."