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Harris, Rohde & Schwarz To Sell Triveni Gear

Triveni Digital recently made agreements with both Harris and Rohde & Schwarz to sell its products. Harris' Broadcast Communications Division will offer, among other products, Triveni Digital's datacasting and stream analysis tools.

The Harris-Triveni deal also allows for the repackaging of the SkyScraper datacasting platform and StreamScope MT-25 ATSC Transport Stream Monitor and Analyzer and will include joint product development based on these product platforms. The pair will also collaborate on the design and implementation of datacasting applications for DTV-enabled stations. Harris currently manufactures, sells and supports the Triveni-based PSIPplus, a metadata management system that works with the Harris Flexicoder.

"As stations emerge from their DTV conversion, they are seeking better ways to expand the revenue potential from their digital broadcast operations," sadi John Delay, the director of DTV Studio Products at Harris Broadcast Communications Division. "We believe that new applications in datacasting can prove to be very profitable."

Rohde & Schwarz signed a reseller agreement with Triveni Digital to market the StreamScope MT-25, GuideBuilder metadata management systems and StreamBridge AG metadata and translation systems to broadcast and cable markets. The StreamScope MT-25 is already compatible with Rohde & Schwarz's DVRG stream recorder generator.