Harris Qualifies Softel Swift TX for Selenio, NetVX

Softel’s Swift TX captioning and subtitling transmission software has been qualified by Harris Corp. to provide closed caption and subtitle processing with its Selenio media convergence platform and NetVX video networking systems for digital media broadcasters and operators.

Harris Selenio "Combining the proven Swift TX technology with Selenio and NetVX will allow our customers to benefit from reliable and versatile playout of captions and subtitles in convergent media applications," says Paul Eisner, Vice President, Engineering and Product Line Management, Harris Broadcast Communications. "Softel's technology adds a streamlined ancillary data capability to the all-round abilities of the Harris platforms."

Harris Selenio and NetVX are designed for the multiformat, multiplatform media environment, where audio, video and data network management is at a premium. Softel's Swift TX is part of the Swift family of ancillary data products, providing an integrated, end-to-end caption/subtitle solution, including systems for creation and repurposing through early, late and live binding of data, complete with comprehensive monitoring.

The delivery of ancillary data is an increasingly vital component of digital broadcasting in many market territories. Softel says incorporating its time-of-air subtitle transmission products into Harris integrated video platforms brings significant business and operational benefits to the end user.

"Selenio and NetVX meet the needs of digital media operators for adaptable, efficient solutions for converging baseband and broadband," says Sam Pemberton, CEO of Softel. "Swift TX is a powerful complement to these functions, and together they add up to a potent package that outstrips rival product offerings."

Swift TX supports "live bound" workflows, enabling multichannel time-off-air caption/subtitle transmission in either a single or multiserver configuration, as well as supporting all manner of ancillary data. It provides for multiformat caption/subtitle transmission with transcoding in real time, along with retiming for turnaround services. Additionally, the system offers the transmission of both SD and HD in all formats such as "open", Teletext and DVB bitmap. With tight integration into a broad range of automation and workflow systems, Swift TX delivers high reliability with master/standby and "N+1" configurations.