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Harris previews NAB2003 products

Harris will have several new products on display at NAB2003. Some new products to look for at the Harris booth are the NetVX, the ReCon and the eCDi.

The NetVX is a one-box networking solution designed to help broadcasters efficiently transport audio, video and data in hybrid systems, multiple formats, numerous compression schemes and several distribution protocols.

NetVX allows video, audio and data to be transported over ATM or IP networks, including E-3 and DS-3 microwave networks.

It supports all telecommunications protocols and can fit anywhere into a network. It is configured by plugging capability cards into a chassis. Two sizes are available: the 5 RU system accommodates up to 15 cards and the 1 RU system can handle three cards.

The ReCon is a remote control facility management system for television transmitter sites. Statmon Technologies powers the Recon. It can support future station consolidation models through unique remote communications protocols.

The ReCon communicates with a diverse list of broadcast network and facility control equipment. It can handle an unlimited number of status, analysis and control channels. The system is web-enabled, monitors SNMP, is capable of remote operation and handles EAS logging.

Harris is also introducing the eCDi, a remote management solution enhancement that links Harris TV transmitters and to standard web browsers, wireless PDAs, web-enabled cell phones and SNMP network managers. The eCDi eliminates the need for a GPI remote control system to monitor the transmitter.

The eCDi converts Harris-protocol RS-232 serial connections into an Ethernet XML interface and a SNMP MIB (Management Information Base). This allows for Ethernet monitoring and control with a standard web browser using an applet served from the eCDi transmitter to be connected to a central management system.

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