Harmonic unveils new EdgeQAM platform

Harmonic has introduced the NSG HectoQAM (NSG 9000-40G) universal edgeQAM solution delivering up to 648 QAMs per 2RU chassis.

In addition to its density, the NSG 9000-40G incorporates new technologies that improve efficiency and ease of operation, including Harmonic's new EQAM Virtualization software technology and frequency agility for flexible placement of QAMs across the spectrum.

The NSG 9000-40G supports VOD, broadcast, SDV, modular cable modem termination system (M-CMTS), DOCSIS 3.0 and cable IPTV services.

The system supports up to 36 QAMs per port. This feature, along with the new frequency agility capability, is critical to support more VOD traffic, SDV and M-CMTS services. It reduces the capital and operating expenses of MSOs by lowering requirements for power, cabling, rack space and cooling.