Haptify launches touch feedback for mobile apps, games

Immersion, a touch feedback technology company, recently launched an autonomous start-up company, Haptify, which describes itself as a mobile applications design studio and publisher focused on bringing haptic feedback technology to smartphone and tablet applications. "Haptics brings the sense of touch to the user experience on electronic devices, the only human sense capable of simultaneous input and output," the company says. The addition of haptics to smartphone/tablet apps and games will "improve application performance, increase user satisfaction and supply mobile users with a greater sense of realism, intuition and enjoyment."

Haptify plans to develop immersive haptic-enabled apps and games for the Android OS but is also looking into opportunities for the iOS, Windows and BlackBerry platforms. The company will also offer publisher services to developers interested in technical and marketing support for haptic-enabled games.

The studio's first game featuring haptic technology, Enzo's Pinball, just became available in the Android Marketplace for $1.49. The virtual pinball title lets players feel the action as they flip the ball onto each ramp, bumper and target. Players can compete with others around the world through the OpenFeint platform. The game includes three unique pinball tables to master (with more coming soon), each with a variety of gaming options. Android smartphone owners can download Enzo's Pinball at the Android Markeplace.