Haivision Updates Makito X Video Encoder

ORLANDO, FLA. – Haivision’s Makito X Video Encoder has added new recording and storage options to simultaneously stream and capture HD video. The Makito X now has up to 250 GB of internal or removable storage, can stream and record two sources simultaneously, generate four different encoded streams with bitrates from 35 Kbps to 25 Mbps and a storage capacity to handle about five days of five Mbps video.

The upgraded Makito X encoder is able to capture video content directly to the video encoder and safeguard content regardless of network conditions; manage and publish recorded video content to internal and Internet audiences with auto export to NAS and FTP servers for use within Haivision media systems; maximize video quality within selective portions of the video frame with a new region of interest encoding capability; and playback MP4 recorded files directly in the Makito X user interface.

For storage, the Makito X can record up to two streams simultaneously in TS or MP4 files and automatically create files based on time or size. Users can maintain KLV metadata from the video source and record it directly to the Makito X encoder.

Makito X will be on display, along with other Haivision products, at InfoComm 2015 in Orlando, Fla. from June 13-19.