Haivision puts IP content into latest version of Furnace

The latest version of Haivision’s Furnace IP video system features support for advanced integration, security and control capabilities for IP video recording and distribution.

Furnace 5.8, coupled with Haivision’s Makito HD H.264 encoder and the Furnace’s InStream player, supports end-to-end AES 256-bit encryption, assuring the highest level of protection for video assets. A related development is InStream’s support of the complete HD H.264 HD tool set, enabling digital broadcast channels to be streamed live through the Furnace architecture.

The software includes a feature called intelligent publishing. After recording a video segment, users can now automatically make that video available securely to authorized users according to established metadata. The recording process can be executed through the Furnace user interface or through an extensive and secure API if integrated third-party control systems are employed.

With Furnace 5.8, the system’s standard-based API is further extended to allow granular integration with its command and control module, an enhancement that gives administrators exact control over InStream players and Stingray set-top boxes.