Group One Takes on U.S. Distribution for Calrec

FARMINGDALE, N.Y.—Calrec, a subsidiary of Audiotonix, has announced that it has closed a deal with Group One Limited to serve as its distribution partner for the U.S. The goal of this move, according to Calrec’s press release, is to expand its reach across the U.S. for its portfolio, including the Brio36 compact broadcast console and Remote production RP products.

This new deal is not expected to affect Calrec’s relationship with Studio Consultants Incorporated, which will continue to support Calrec sales and support efforts in East Coast regions in conjunction with Calrec and Group One.

With this new arrangement the entire Calrec America team has been incorporated into Group One to provide for what Audiotonix describes as “uninterrupted continuity of sales, service and support to the broadcast console brand’s customers.”

Calrec is a provider of audio mixing products for on-air and live production with its headquarters in Hebden Bridge, England.