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Gray Television Does Digital Media Partnership with Matrix Solutions

PITTSBURGH—Matrix Solutions announced that Gray Television signed on as its first digital media development partner. Gray Television, which has been a Matrix Solutions client since 2000, will play a fundamental role in helping to expand the Matrix Solutions’ platform to optimize digital media sales workflows.

Matrix Solutions is said to be working across multiple platforms with existing web-based and hosted CRM and sales intelligence software. The new product will have the potential to be a standalone solution for digital companies or serve as part of the existing solution, optimized for all platforms.

“As a Matrix client, we have come to not only trust their expertise but appreciate their ability to listen to what we, as broadcasters and clients, have to say about our advertising sales needs,” said Mike Braun, vice president of Digital Sales Operations for Gray Television. “Having the ability to add our knowledge into the development of this product and its intended workflow as a means to streamline sales when it comes to digital media is a tremendous value.”