Grass Valley Stratus Simplifies Content Production, Delivery

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF.— Grass Valley has released new software for its GV Stratus nonlinear production solution. With more than 1,500 seats sold worldwide, GV Stratus delivers greater workflow efficiency by enabling users to work collaboratively and accomplish tasks in parallel.

The release includes new tools to increase workflow efficiency through automated, rules-based file operations and sets a new standard in proxy editing workflows with the Edius XS nonlinear, low-resolution proxy editor Edius XS includes most of the effects capability of the full resolution Edius editor, delivering capability for newsroom desktop editing and also opening the door to workflows that previously required full-resolution editors.

Based on a service-oriented architecture and an easy to use graphical user interface, the GV Stratus application framework brings the concept of nonlinear production—where production and distribution operations merge onto one collaborative platform—to broadcasters and media companies of all sizes.

“Since its introduction, GV Stratius has changed the way that news, sports and entertainment programming is produced and distributed,” said Graham Sharp, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Grass Valley. “With GV Stratus, the work defines the tools, not the other way around. Live and studio entertainment, news, and playout users configure their desktops with the exact tools required by each individual person’s needs based on the project workflow and the tasks assigned.”

Additional features are in Beta testing at customer sites. These will expand the scope of integrated, nonlinear production workflows with enhanced web publishing features to enable content to be segmented, enriched with metadata and automatically pushed to the web and mobile devices, as well as the ability for multiple GV Stratius sites to connect to each other to browse content and manage transfers.