Grass Valley Releases Disk Recorder Enhancements

Grass Valley has announced at the Inter BEE show being held in Chiba, Japan, that it is making new option and service packs available for its T2 iDDR (intelligent digital disk recorder) product. These updates are designed to provide iDDR users with increased flexibility and enhanced workflow efficiencies.

The three option packs are the T2 P2, T2 XDCAM, and T2 Alpha. (The GV T2 Pro option combines all three packs.) The P2 option allows the recorder to natively play back P2 MXF format video content, including DVCPRO HD and AVC Intra directly from a P2 drive or external mass storage device. The XDCAM option provides native playback and transcoding from XDCAM HD, XDCAM 422, XDCAM IMX, and DVCAM MXF formats. The Alpha option allows users to import files with alpha channel information, enhancing efficiency when computer graphics are being employed.

The new Service Pack 3 allows T2 iDDR users to export MXF (XDCAM format) files for enhanced interoperability with nonlinear editing software not provided by Grass Valley.

The service pack will made available to T2 users in early December at no charge. The option packs will be available for purchase at the same time, with a price of $999 each, or $1,999 for all three.