Grass Valley, Cameron-Pace Ally for 3D

AMSTERDAM -- The principals of 3D film advocates Cameron-Pace Group, James Cameron and Vince Pace, appeared at the Grass Valley IBC2011 press event to announce a strategic alliance between CPG and Grass Valley.

The goal of the alliance is to develop technologies and techniques that help spur more 3D productions for television. Cameron and Pace echoed a comment made earlier in the press conference about television requiring cost-effective workflows that serve both 2D and 3D productions.The pair also discussed the continuing evolution of their patented “Shadow 3D” system, which allows standard 2D and 3D capture from the same camera setup, as well as its use at the 2011 US Open tennis tournament.

Earlier this year, CPG used Grass Valley switchers in the production and recording of “Glee: The 3D Concert Movie.”