Grande Vitesse Systems introduces GVS9000 VTR 4K

Grande Vitesse Systems (GVS), a developer and manufacturer of digital video recorders for a range of market segments, has introduced a new 4K family of uncompressed and compressed ProRes format support with GVS9000 VTR 4K. GVS9000 VTR 4K delivers required uncompressed recording speeds at a rate of 10Gb/s real-time record and playback with 4K resolution at 3840 x 2160 and 4096 x 2160. With the number of 4K cameras that have been debuted this year, GVS will shortly be announcing 4K support that can capture pixel-to-pixel exact color matching and custom LUT support that can be loaded for workflow enhancement.

The ease of connectivity and the speed of GVS9000 VTR's shared media allows for simplistic recording in the field or studio environment, with the media easily shared to editor, without huge investment in infrastructure for high-speed storage media to support this uncompressed 4K workflow.

GVS delivers three hours of uncompressed recording in a Single Nomadic 1U, with storage media shared over Fibre Channel. The GVS9000 4K VTR not only provides the ability to shoot in 2K and 1080p60, but most importantly, delivers basic VTR support controlled via RS-422 9-pin or TCP/IP interface that the user can directly attach to the camera for activation of the recorder during record and playback settings.

Multiple camera recording, all with 4K resolution, can be sewn together to deliver the simplest 4K process in a unified workflow where content playback can be performed without having to stop the recorders. Any GVS9000 VTR in the pool is enabled for playback. GVS offers the ability to record up to 16 x 4K uncompressed in a unified environment.