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Gotham Sound Holds Special Sale To Beat Upcoming Lectrosonics Price Increase

Legendary wireless microphone manufacturer Lectrosonics, Inc. has announced that they will increase the price of their UCR211 wireless microphone receiver on January 1, 2005. For a limited time, Gotham Sound and Communications will be offering the Lectrosonics UCR211 with UM200c system at the current price, and a free TRAM TR-50 lavaliere microphone with every purchase, while supplies last.

Since their development in the late 1980’s, Lectrosonics wireless microphone systems have been a staple in the film and television industry. "Lectrosonics makes products I trust with the servicing clout to back them up" says Danny Michael, sound mixer on "8 Mile," "School of Rock," "Stepford Wives" and "The Interpreter."

Lectrosonics wireless systems have the features demanded by industry veterans. The transmitter offers a dual band compander for accurate dynamics and low noise, with 100 mW transmission power for extended range, and features a rugged, all-metal housing. The receiver has auto tracking front end filters for maximum RF performance, SmartDiversity to minimize dropouts and an RF scanner to easily locate clear frequencies.

When it was introduced, the Tram TR-50 miniature microphone revolutionized the industry and has quickly become the standard in feature film, television production and all other areas of the entertainment industry. The TR-50 has been designed with the latest electret development and electronics technology, to provide high quality sound with little or no visibility.

Gotham Sound and Communications, Inc. is a New York based audio rental and sales house that caters to location mixers and production companies. More information on the company, and the products and services they offer can be found at