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Globix to stream HDTV feed of political conventions on Web

Globix’s Government Services Division has been chosen by the High Definition National News Consortium to provide Web streaming for the HD broadcast pool coverage of the 2004 Democratic and Republican national conventions.

Under the terms of the agreement, Globix will provide links for NHK’s pool feeds of the Democratic National Convention in Boston (from July 26 to July 29) and the Republican National Convention in New York City (from Aug. 30 to Sept. 2). The signals will be encoded on-site, using Globix’s mobile broadcast facilities, and then sent out to the Globix worldwide network using its proprietary earthcache streaming technology.

As viewers throughout the world access the stream through participating Web sites using Windows Media Player, a consistent 16:9 aspect ratio image will be displayed on the screen.

NHK-Japan Broadcasting was recently named as the producer of the HD coverage of this summer’s 2004 Democratic and Republican national conventions.

HD-NNC is an association of approximately 40 broadcasters, media producers and others advancing the use of digital, HD and/or a wide-screen format for newsgathering and news programming in the United States.

Visit Globix to learn more about its 2004 national conventions' coverage.

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