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Gepco releases new HD video and audio composite cable

Gepco has announced an extra-flexible HD coax cable with three audio twisted-pairs that is designed for the rigorous demands of ENG applications.

The VHD13F is a co-extruded zip cable that includes the audio and video components side by side. This helps reduce the size and weight of the cable, thereby making it more portable for field productions. Each audio pair is individually shielded and isolated with a mylar/foil shield and drain wire.

The video component of the VHD13F is an RG59-type HD video coax with a stranded, center conductor and a unique double-braided shield. The video coax is rated to a 4.5GHz bandwidth, making the VHD13F ideal for the transmission of uncompressed HDTV, standard SDI and high-resolution analog video formats where audio or intercom is also required.