Gekko Unveils kezia 200-E Multicolor Hard-Source Light

Gekko Technology recently added to its kezia 200 range of hard-source luminaires. The new kezia 200-E offers control of color output to match the rhythm of music shows or the effects requirements of stage and studio productions. Based on Gekko’s award-winning “kleer-colour” LED multichip array, it combines creative versatility with long component life, low-power consumption and minimal heat generation.

Controllable via DMX or an optional rear panel, the kezia 200-E can be adjusted manually or remotely to produce literally millions of colors. Integral presets allow rapid selection of 2900K, 3200K, 4300K, 5600K and 6500K whites. Color temperature remains constant even when the light is dimmed. Drawing less than 200 W of power at 24-50 V DC or 90-264 V AC, the kezia 200-E has an output roughly equivalent to a 1 kW tungsten fixture. Dimensions are 266 x 323 x 278 mm (length x height x width) and weight is 6.9 kg.

“Performers working in a studio or close to camera increasingly request our lighting equipment, both for its inherently cool operation and its flattering rendition of skin tones,” states Gekko Technology’s Managing Director David Amphlett. “The kezia 200-E extends the inherent advantages of LEDs to the world of entertainment where the heat generated by tungsten lights can create uncomfortable working conditions. Lighting directors will in turn appreciate being able to generate color effects that are consistent from lamp to lamp, as a consequence of the closed-feedback loop which constantly monitors and corrects the light quality.”