GatesAir Taps Incospec as Canadian Distribution Channel

CINCINNATI - GatesAir has named Incospec Communications as its Canadian distribution Channel, effective immediately. The Montreal-based Incospec focuses on FM radio and UHF/VHF television, and has previous RF experience.

Incospec will now have access to GatesAir’s Maxiva TV and Flexiva radio transmitters, Intraplex transport solutions and networked studio systems and consoles. Canadian consolidation across traditional broadcasters and Telco companies also increases the value of GatesAir’s LTE Mobile TV delivery and IP transition.

GatesAir Vice President of Sales, Americas, Joe Mack said: “Incospec’s experienced sales and service professionals, along with the trusted innovation and reliable products of GatesAir that our customers recall throughout our years as Harris Broadcast, combine to form a powerful partnership that will optimize TV and radio services across Canada – and prepare broadcasters, content distributors and media companies for a solid and sustainable future.”

GatesAir’s American headquarters are based in Ohio.