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Game Show Network Launches New ITV Program

Game Show Network, whose goal is to launch an interactive component with each new series, is premiering a sync-to-broadcast iTV program in conjunction with the debut of "Wintuition" on Dec. 9 at 8:30.

The, a knowledge-based game that tests contestants' general education savvy from first grade through high school, offers $50,000 toward college tuition as the grand prize. The iTV component replicates the look and feel of the show, represented by a classroom setting. Players can participate against contestants and anyone else playing online.

The iTV technology is produced by iTV provider GoldPocket Interactive's EventMatrix, which enables viewers to play along with the TV program in real time and compete agains each other for the top spot on a live leaderboard. User names and scores for the top online participants are broadcast live on air twice during each show.

The Wintuition iTV aspect puts the user behind a desk with a teacher's chalkboard in front of them. Once logged in, "students" can pass notes, chat, see their scores, get help or answer questions written on the chalkboard. There is a live leader board which is named the Dean's List and the iTV component also uses the TV show's Answer Kid, who grades users on the score, offers bonus questions and challenges them with additional questions.

On the same date, the network will also deploy a shockwave, multiplayer game for Lingo enthusiasts who are fans of its sync-to-broadcast version called Lingo Plus. Lingo has an online following and players can now join in 24 hours a day.