Fujifilm Launches Dternity Deep Storage

VALHALLA, N.Y.—The Recording Media division of Fujifilm is launching Dternity, a new deep storage and archiving platform for critical data. Dternity’s approach to archiving combines datatape with onsite and online content protection.

Dternity Archive Media is based on Fujifilm’s NanoCubic technology that incorporates Barium Ferrite particles for longer archival life compared to conventional metal particle tape, according to Fujifilm. Dternity Archive Media is used to enable seamless movement of content between the Dternity network-attached storage and the Dternity Media Cloud. The on-site NAS appliance is built to provide online data access, scalability and data protection for unstructured, fixed content. Using linear tape file system tape technology, Dternity NAS delivers the performance of disk with the economics of tape in a scalable solution. The Media Cloud includes multiple connection methods, fully customizable SLAs, regulatory-compliant security, mobile support, auto-migration, and archive verification.

Dternity is available now, with advanced portal access coming in late 2014.