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Front Porch Digital Promotes Phil Jackson to Chief Strategy Officer

LAFAYETTE, COLO. — Front Porch Digital announced that Phil Jackson has been promoted from chief operations officer to chief strategy officer. In his new position, Jackson is responsible for driving innovation and strategy for Front Porch Digital.

“Phil was the brains behind our Lynx cloud CSM service and our newest product, Distill, both of which were the first of their kind and approach long-standing industry challenges in innovative ways. That inventive thinking is immeasurably valuable to Front Porch Digital,” said Mike Knaisch, president and CEO of Front Porch Digital.

Jackson is assembling a core team from within Front Porch Digital, coupled with project-based virtual teams and a short list of key technology partners, to spur innovation on several fronts—through rapid prototyping, light-agile development methodology, and direct customer engagement in the innovation process. 

“This isn’t just an R&D function that looks at the latest buzzwords or IT trends in an isolated manner. This is a serious attempt to collaborate with our customers to understand their principal pain points, and, in solving those problems, bring new thinking and techniques to market. We want to build on the capabilities of the Lynx, Diva, and Samma systems, which are the foundation of Front Porch Digital’s success,” Jackson said.

Jackson is based in Lafayette, Colo., and reports to Knaisch. He joined Front Porch Digital four years ago after serving in enterprise IT with BT Group, developing new markets at Level 3 Communications and managing service product development with AT&T.