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Front Porch Digital offers new content storage

Front Porch Digital now offers a variety of new modules for its DIVArchive technology, which can now be found in more than 270 installations in across 50 countries, representing 9.5 million hours of content and more than 60PB of data storage.

DIVArchive v.6.1 can preserve, share and access content from more applications (automation systems, media asset management, newsroom systems, etc.) and more devices (video servers, editing environments, browsing servers, etc.), locally or remotely, than ever before. Content migration and transcoding plug-ins extend usage and access to new devices and new delivery networks.

DIVAprotect is an option for DIVArchive that provides continuous monitoring of storage devices and media performance and warns of degradation before it results in catastrophic data loss. This enables the user to predict and prevent storage failures by preemptive replacement of storage drives and media.

DIVAnalyze is a hardware- and software-based automated quality-assessment tool that adds another content-aware feature to DIVArchive. It enables improvement of efficiency, reliability and repeatability of video and audio quality control, particularly in situations involving batch content ingest.

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