Fox Sports Digital Acquires StraightCast Media Assets

LOS ANGELES—Fox Sports Digital has announced that is has acquired assets from StraightCast Media, which was founded by former NFL players Jeb Terry and Ryan Nece. In addition to the acquisition, Fox Sports Digital has appointed Terry as its new vice president of program management.

One of the StraightCast Media assets that Fox has acquired as part of this deal is Gridiron Grunts, a mobile app that captures video that can be shared across multiple platforms. NFL players have used the app to share game previews, behind-the-scenes insight, and as a forum to answer fan questions.

Fox Sports partnered with StraightCast during the 2014 NFL season for a segment on its “Fox NFL Sunday” program. Fox now plans to expand StraightCast Media’s reach to other sports, including MLB, UFC, soccer and golf.