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Former Teranex VP Joins AF Associates

Chris Summey, former vice president of worldwide sales at Teranex Corp., joined the executive team of the A.F. Associates as senior vice president of sales. The position was created to support the company's operations on both coasts following its acquisition of Sony Electronics' Systems Integration Center. Summey will be responsible for overseeing global sales, and will report to the senior vice president of global sales and marketing for Ascent Media Network Services.

Prior to Teranex, Summey worked for Terayon Communications as vice president of marketing and business development, in charge of strategic planning for digital video products. He also held senior management positions with Sony's Systems Integration Center and software development group until leaving Sony in 2000. A decade earlier, he grew the fixed and mobile systems integration group at Midwest Communication Corp., which was sold to Harris Corp. and incorporated into Harris' broadcast and communications group.