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Fast Forward Video Launches Micron HD DVR

Fast Forward Video has launched the Micron HD digital video recorder for recording and playing broadcast-quality digital SD and HD video.

The Micron HD offers many of the features of FFV's Omega HD DVR. It records using JPEG2000 compression at speeds up to 100 Mbps and offers up to five hours of record time. Its removable, non-proprietary 2.5-inch SATA drive is compatible with FFV’s Elite HD camera-mounted DVR. Users can record, play, and store multiple SD and HD video files. With a simple machine controller, the user can access a larger set of functions and command multiple units with one key stroke.

“The Micron HD is a direct response to many of our customers who requested an inexpensive, entry-level HD DVR that could still measure up to the superb picture quality of the Omega HD,” said Harry Glass, vice president of sales for FFV. “The single-channel Micron HD is an ideal solution for broadcasters seeking to migrate to HD operations at a low cost per channel while maintaining SD capabilities.”