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Facilis advances TerraBlock with version 3.0

Facilis Technology, a provider of shared media storage, will begin shipping version 3.0 of its TerraBlock Sept. 30, 2007. The system offers several significant improvements over the previous version, including expanded connectivity with the new iSCSI Server Module, Linux support, larger and resizable virtual volume capacities and numerous user-interface and administrative improvements.

The new features, which were showcased at IBC2007 in Amsterdam, include:

  • A new iSCSI server module that enables 1Gb connections to Ethernet clients, while maintaining the same management tools and virtual volume access as the faster fiber channel clients.
  • TerraBlock’s native virtual volume feature now provides a higher maximum capacity of 8TB for most Windows clients, and larger for some OSX and 64bit clients. In addition, the Change Volume feature now includes the ability to dynamically expand volume size for both Windows and OSX clients.
  • Both Windows and OSX clients now have the ability to schedule background updates to read-only volumes, down to a one-minute interval.
  • TerraBlock Manager 3.0 offers a single line display for tandem spanned volumes, color-coded read, write and error volume states, date display for volume creation and an expert mode in OSX to simplify daily operations. In addition, TerraBlock 3.0 offers management software on the Linux platform.
  • There’s also new administrative improvements that include e-mail notification for server and drive errors, export of server statistics to CSV files, drive error reset, ability to mount/unmount virtual volumes remotely and an optional remount of all client volumes after server reboot.

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