Eyeheight rolls out enigmaHDi

Eyeheight’s new enigmaHDi is a versatile, easy-to-use solution that addresses the problem of carrying program production data and machine control information invisibly through an HD-SDI channel.

Data is carried with complete integrity at up to 32kb/s on user-selectable lines of the HD signal stream. Applications include forwarding camera position, velocity, pan, tilt and lens data to computer graphics interface devices further along the production chain, embedding invisible caption data and securely forwarding recorded media details, such as aspect ratio, date, time and clock number.

HD-SDI signal streams are routinely subjected to extremely high compression ratios, which wreak havoc on traditionally embedded metadata. Data can be encoded within the enigmaHDi on up to 10 user-selectable picture lines, typically at the top or bottom of the image. These can be blanked to ensure they stay out of view even on a full-resolution, full-scan flat-panel display.

For more information, visit www.eyeheight.com.