EVS intros live ‘ultra motion’ replay system

At the recent IBC show, EVS introduced a live “Ultra Motion” replay system that combines its XT3 LSM server and the X10 Ultra Motion camera system (based on the Vision Research high-speed Phantom HD camera) from I-MOVIX.

Until now, slow-motion action replay from an Ultra Motion camera (capturing more than 150fps) was only possible by generating a video clip from a buffer located in the camera system. Any live action happening during this process would have been lost. Recent developments of the XT series server allow a significant increase in its ingest and playout capacity.

EVS said it is now possible to capture and record the entire output of the I-MOVIX Ultra Motion camera at frame rates of up to 250fps, as well as instantly generate ultra slow-motion replays without losing any footage of the live action.

A simple software module (UMotion) is required for the existing XT3 server in LSM mode to allow a continuous loop recording of the high frame rate video stream generated by the X10. The system is up to 10 times slower than real-time slow motion replays that are available at any moment during a live production.