ESE Rolls Out Master Clock System Switcher

ESE ES-150U master clock switcher

El Segundo, CA —ESE recently announced the introduction of its ES-150U master clock switcher. Master clock switchers are typically used with a primary master clock (“A”) and a secondary master clock (“B”). A master clock switchers provides a convenient way of switching to the secondary master clock if a problem develops with the primary unit. The master clock switcher monitors one or more of the “A” inputs and, when a fault is detected, it switches all the outputs from A to B.

The ES-150U monitors ESE and SMPTE/EBU time codes. Four front-panel LEDs light to indicate when valid time code is provided. The ES-150U is available with option DPS, which provides dual power supplies to keep the unit running in the event the primary power supply fails. Another convenient option on the ES-150U is IP connectivity with the NET feature, which allows the user to control and monitor the status of the ES-150U via a standard web browser.

The ES-150U is now available and ready to ship.