Ericsson Launches BT Sport UHDTV Channel

STOCKHOLM – Ericsson has announced that it has signed a multi-year agreement with London-based BT Sport to launch three new TV channels, one of which will be UHD. Ericsson will also help an interactive red button service for the broadcaster.

BT Sport and Ericsson have previously worked on UHDTV together, broadcasting a multi-camera production sporting event captured in 4K UHDTV in 2013. Now Ericsson will design, build and run BT Sports UHD, which will feature live football and other premium content. Ericsson will also design BT Sport Europe and BT Sport Showcase, a free-to-air service.

Additionally, Ericsson will help deliver BT Sport Extra, a red button service that will allow viewers to choose between eight UEFA games being broadcast simultaneously, including UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. The deal also extends Ericsson’s existing six-year contract for BT Sport 1 and 2 by an additional three years.