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Ensemble Designs unveils 3Gb/s sync pulse, test signal generators

Ensemble Designs introduced the Avenue 7400 and Avenue 9400 sync pulse generators and test signal generators for use in broadcast and satellite applications at the NAB Show.

The 9400 3Gb/s signal generator and test signal generator offers every signal needed for a complete house reference system. It generates 3Gb/s and 1.5Gb/s HD-SDI, SD-SDI, analog composite, HD trilevel sync, time code, AES audio and analog audio reference outputs.

New closed-captioning test signals help broadcasters troubleshoot closed-captioning data carriage through a signal chain. The built-in memory card allows creation of custom test patterns and audio clips. For precision reference, the 7400-GPS option can be used with the 9400 3G/HD/SD SPG and TSG module.