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Ensemble Designs to Highlight BrightEye 72 at NAB

Ensemble Designs BrightEye 72
Ensemble Designs will feature the new BrightEye 72 at the 2010 NAB Show, a converter that allows broadcasters to use off-the shelf for high-end broadcast applications.

BrightEye 72 accepts SD, HD, or 3 Gbps video in and provides an HDMI output. In addition to the video output, BrightEye 72 also displays open captions, allowing broadcasters to verify 608 or 708 closed caption content, Time code burn-in is provided and audio VU meters display four groups of embedded audio. Active Format Descriptor presence is also indicated onscreen.

The horizontal and vertical shift mode provides a simple way for technical staff to look at the blanking interval and see if ancillary data is present.

Front panel controls include complete proc amp, built-in test signals for use in aligning the monitor, graticule, H/V pulse delay, on screen audio VU meters, time code burn in and open caption decoding. The built-in test signal generator offers a simple and reliable trouble-shooting tool for systems.

Ensemble Designs will be at Booth N1929.