English-speaking Latinos Watch Spanish-Language TV

NEW YORK: A poll conduced by Univision and AP found that Hispanics who predominantly speak English consume Spanish-language media. The poll found that nearly four in 10 English-dominant Hispanics watched Spanish-language TV or listened to radio likewise-formatted radio stations.

By comparison, 99 percent of Spanish-dominant Hispanics watched Spanish-language TV, and 75 percent listen to Spanish-language radio each day.

“The Univision-AP Poll on media consumption confirms that Hispanics who speak English and Spanish continue to choose Spanish-language TV and radio for culturally relevant content they can’t get anywhere else,” said Ceril Shagrin, executive vice president of Audience Measurement Innovation and Analytics for Univision. “Today’s findings reaffirm that Spanish-language media reaches 80 percent of all Hispanics in the U.S.”

Online, 57 percent of Spanish-dominant Hispanics had Internet access at home. Of those, 90 percent accessed Spanish-language sites.

Univision said its survey also found that “English-speaking Hispanics are somewhat skeptical of English-language news and programs. Nearly 35 percent said English-language media portrayed Hispanics mostly in a negative way, nearly three times more than those who said it was mostly positive, and 50 percent said English media was neutral.”

Univision Noticias has details.