emuse absolutely and Teletext Announce Partnership

emuse absolutely and Teletext announced a deal that will offer interactive advertising to Teletext viewers across both digital satellite and digital terrestrial television platforms.

Teletext viewers will now be able to access any emuse absolutely i-ad running for other broadcasters, enabling Teletext to offer rich functionality i-ads to new and existing clients. Both companies will promote this service to broadcasters in the UK.

Teletext will provide emuse absolutely with the capability to run additional i-ads on the DTT platform for other UK broadcasters such as ITV, Channel 4 and five. This has been made possible through the combined comprehensive technical skills and experience of both emuse and Teletext.

"Working with Teletext enables us to offer greater coverage to our broadcast and advertiser clients, and allows Teletext to further embrace new media by offering interactive advertising direct from its pages" says Patrick Rainsford CEO emuse absolutely. "This deal benefits both companies and more importantly all our clients" he concludes.

Sean Grant, Managing Director of Commercial Text, Teletext said: "We are pleased to be working with emuse, as this agreement now makes it possible for Teletext to offer advertisers access to interactive advertising 24 hours a day.

"In addition to promoting i-ads through spot advertising on ITV, C4, Sky channels and five, advertisers can now reach millions more people through digital Teletext. Our digital audience is growing rapidly and we hope this new development will be highly attractive to both new and existing advertisers."