Element Technica unveils new 3-D camera rig series

Element Technica has introduced the new Technica 3D series, a collection of three new camera rigs designed to bring a new level of precision, speed and simplification to stereoscopic 3-D motion picture production.

The Technica 3D series provides 3-D systems that are lighter and more cost-effective to bring 3-D acquisition down to the simplicity of traditional 2-D production.

The new rigs can be configured into both beam-splitter and parallel camera platforms and are scaled to fit popular cameras from the tiny SI-2K Mini to a full-size RED ONE, even with zoom lenses. Camera and lens controls are neatly imbedded.

The new Technica 3D camera rigs hold pairs of cameras and lenses in precise alignment to achieve realistic stereoscopic images. They are manufactured in a configuration of machined aluminum for optimum rigidity.