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Element Technica introduces V-DOCK accessory mounting system

Element Technica has introduced V-DOCK, a new professional mounting system designed to replace the practice of using Velcro-type material or gaffer tape to attach camera accessories.

V-DOCK works with all popular digital camera systems. Compact and user friendly, this precision mechanical device includes a main assembly featuring a female V-Lock interface and a spring-loaded split clamp.

A separate male V-LOCK attaches to accessories to allow fast mounting. The V-DOCK main assembly anchors securely anywhere on a single 15mm or 19mm iris rod. Once in place, it’s a simple matter to add any item equipped with the male V-LOCK. Removal of accessories takes only seconds.

One popular use of the V-DOCK is for the Element Technica RED Drive Shock Mount System. When combined with the ISO-Plate shock mount, it expands the range of shooting conditions for the RED Drive by eliminating dropped frames in many situations where one would normally only use a CompactFlash card.

When combined with the Element Technica Aluminum Battery Interface plate, V-DOCK provides a secure way to mount the power source anywhere along the camera’s 15mm or 19mm rods. With the addition of Element’s V-DOCK AJA mounting plate, the V-DOCK system offers a quick way to install any AJA miniconverter on the camera rig.