Electrosonic highlights new ES7100 encoder at NAB Show

At the NAB Show, Electrosonic showcased its newly introduced ES7100 encoder designed for HD-SDI and 3G SDI streaming over IP networks.

The cost benefits of moving to IP for video contribution and distribution are assured with the ES7100’s combination of bit rate efficiency, low latency and high image quality. The ES7100 operates at bit rates from 6Mb/s to 150Mb/s with robust protection against network errors, making it well suited for quality-critical applications in broadcast contribution, studio-to-studio exchange, live event coverage and interactive broadcasts.

The ES7100 relies on Electrosonic’s PURE3 compression codec, which has been designed specifically for network transmission. The codec provides a high level of resilience to network errors without the need for forward error correction and provides a constant latency of only 70ms end to end. Image fidelity is protected further by PURE 3’s constant image quality through multiple generations.