Electrorack supplies Cox with customized racks for cable management

Electrorack Enclosure Products will provide Cox Communications with its cable head-in racks. The 22-inch wide BR2 vertical rack systems provide breakthrough levels of value and performance.

The initial order of 20 BR2 systems, which include custom modifications, will provide Cox New England with a cable management solution for the rear of the cabinets, featuring special grounding points and mounting openings for isolator bushings and hilti bolts.

Electrorack's new Broadcast and Broadband Group is bringing to market industry- specific products for large end-users and systems integrators involved in new and upgraded mission-critical facilities designed for digital television upgrades, satellite uplink/downlink facilities, cable head ends and large system integration projects requiring custom and modified standard engineered enclosure solutions.

For more information visit www.electrorack.com.

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