Electric Entertainment Taps Marquis for Digital Post Production Workflow

Brian Gonosey

HOLLYWOOD, CALIF.––Electric Entertainment, which produces TNT’s prime time U.S. television show “Leverage,” has used content workflows and media integration software specialist Marquis Broadcast’s X2Pro Audio Convert to help create a faster and more flexible workflow for the show.

Electric Entertainment now edits all the content in house, at its Hollywood facility, using Apple’s Final Cut Pro X and X2pro Audio Convert for audio finishing.

X2Pro uses Marquis’ Media Highway, the core technology employed by Marquis’ media integration products to integrate Final Cut Pro X into professional audio workflows.

“When Electric Entertainment transitioned to Final Cut Pro X, we re-engineered our workflow,” said “Leverage” editor Brian Gonosey. “X2Pro became the missing piece that allowed us to work with Final Cut Pro X and maintain the highest quality production standard.”

“X2Pro takes the FCP X XML and lets us take all the audio tracks into Pro Tools,” he said. “Marquis’ solution uses BWF metadata to ensure the labels remain the same as when the files were recorded throughout the workflow, making it easy to find and access any audio track at the audio work station.”

“This functionality comes into its own in a situation where one of the audio channels is not usable,” said Gonosey. “Normally, someone would have to track down the other original channel recordings to replace the dialogue, which is really time consuming. However, X2Pro will include all muted channels in the AAF, either referenced or trimmed and embedded, so making them available to the audio editor.”

Marquis also introduced the X2Pro LE for those who do not require media referencing, trimming or detailed control over the conversion of Final Cut Pro X Roles. It has the same feature set as X2Pro v1, and X2Pro LE v2 can also be upgraded through an In-App purchase.